Global projects of caring

Through the Ford Volunteer Corps the Blue Oval has been working around the world for more than a decade. This year the Global Week of Caring expanded to an entire month, but the reality is that Ford employees volunteer year round, broadening the company’s global focus on community service.

Throughout 2015, more than 34,500 volunteers participated in 1,750 projects and in September, nearly 21,665 volunteers worked on more than 668 projects throughout the world from cleaning beaches in Angola to renovating a daycare for children with disabilities in the United Kingdom.

* WASH - Water, Access, Sanitation, Hygiene


Anonymous - 4:32pm • January 13, 2016

This is an incredible bit of work; what a incredibly outstanding way to show the Ford Volunteer Corps' global footprint!!! And likely suggest un/under explored areas for new projects!

Lisa, FBW editor - 10:52am • February 1, 2016

Thanks for the compliment. Our creative department produced this map from data collected by the Ford Volunteer Corps.

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