Power of change

2019 Trends report

The Ford Motor Company trendspotters looked inward to more clearly see the world around all of us. “Behavioral Change” is the focus of the seventh annual Looking Further With Ford trend book to learn how habits and beliefs alter our lives. We invite you to explore this report to see how technology and self-determination will play important roles in self-improvement, as well as improving the environment we share.


Logan Christian Dye - 11:39am • March 10, 2019

I am EMT in Lawton,ok we a very interested in Your grant is it possible for you to send me information.

Lisa, FBW editor - 3:02pm • March 11, 2019

Logan, To learn more about the Ford Fund and grant opportunities, go here: https://corporate.ford.com/community/ford-fund.html Thank you and all the best

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