Power of change

2019 Trends report

The Ford Motor Company trendspotters looked inward to more clearly see the world around all of us. “Behavioral Change” is the focus of the seventh annual Looking Further With Ford trend book to learn how habits and beliefs alter our lives. We invite you to explore this report to see how technology and self-determination will play important roles in self-improvement, as well as improving the environment we share.


Logan Christian Dye - 11:39am • March 10, 2019

I am EMT in Lawton,ok we a very interested in Your grant is it possible for you to send me information.

Lisa, FBW editor - 3:02pm • March 11, 2019

Logan, To learn more about the Ford Fund and grant opportunities, go here: https://corporate.ford.com/community/ford-fund.html Thank you and all the best

Whit - 11:17pm • May 16, 2019

Hello my name is Whitney Millender! I am a former United States Marine Veteran. I have a non profit which helps all veterans who suffer from mental illness, and disabilities which now effect them on the home front after services. Our non profit is in dyer need of a vehicle so we can help veterans with picking up supplies such as donations from charities such as housing supplies, hygiene products, clothing, food from food banks. When veterans live in a a dark place after serving which I have been in myself! We often feel down on life, due to mental illness from serving and loss of family including relationships, housing! Unfortunately these down falls turns our nation hero’s to suicide! Every 65 mins two veterans commit suicide. If we are able to provide our nation hero’s with any kind of help or love shown through giving it could possibly help save a life! I fight day and night for our hero’s cause I am veteran myself! If your company or organization could make a vehicle donation preferably a truck. I promise your charitable contribution would impact many! If you can provide us any kind of help in achieving our donation request or leads we would be greatly appreciative! Thank you for you moment of time to consider our nonprofit! Once again, thanks for supporting our troops!

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