About Thirty Under 30

Ford Motor Company’s Thirty Under 30 program is an innovative corporate leadership course that empowers young employees to work with and learn about philanthropic organizations, while developing skills through a unique Design Thinking curriculum that was created for the program.

Launched in 2016, the program is run by Ford Motor Company Fund as part of Executive Chairman Bill Ford’s vision to develop young employee leaders who also serve their communities. Ford Fund is the philanthropic branch of Ford Motor Company.

Each class is made up of 30 diverse U.S. Ford employees under the age of 30 selected from more than 300 competitive applications across the country. Over the course of one year, they take time away from their jobs as engineers, financial, marketing and IT professionals to not only learn what it takes to run a charity, but also how to develop strategies for nonprofits to connect with younger generations who represent a future donor and volunteer base.

Fellows In Action

For any questions contact us at FVC30u30@ford.com