2016 Class of Fellows: Basic Needs

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Who We Work With


Team A – Built the “Who Cares?” app - designed to connect volunteers, nonprofits and corporations with an emphasis on the positive influence of your social network. Features include: specified giving and volunteer opportunities, easy to filter calendar, and an option to invite friends and co-workers to join you in volunteering.

Fellows: Gabriel Blanco, Olivia DeTroyer, Scott Georges, Fatima Kebe, Mark Samhat

Team B – Created the NextGen board - designed to harness the ideas and influences of a younger philanthropic audience - for participatory engagement of potential volunteers and donors at established nonprofits, such as Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries.

Fellows: Jake Christopherson, Shelby Smith, Clayton Stewart, Jacqueline Wolverton, Roy Yewah


Team A – Developed a comprehensive strategy to engage millennials in volunteering by understanding the “quick and easy” preferences of a younger generation. This team planned micro-volunteering events, occurring on-site at large workplaces and/or in popular public spaces, including sandwich-making at Ford Motor Company.

Fellows: Meredith Citkowski, Mike Moore, Jack Owen, Dina Tayim, Kelby Wenger

Team B – This team formed a plan to bring the story of the Salvation Army to potential volunteers and donors in a participatory way, using an annual calendar of signature events - each highlighting a unique piece of the nonprofit’s work – as a way for teams of volunteers to be engaged with a heavy emphasis on fun. Events included a Holiday Santa 5k and Day Camp for Adults.

Fellows: JaRod Collins, Lindsey Fatherly, Amy Hall, James Peng, Jacqueline Shagena


Team A – Striving to build knowledge around the work of nonprofits and create an easy way for employee donors to support it, this team launched an employee communications strategy which offered a multi-phase approach for implementation within a corporate structure, fostering a sustainable culture shift within the company.

Fellows: Mike Kelly, Mohamed Mattar, Ginny Mueller, Lizzie Smith, Kayla Zurawski

Team B – Created a transparent volunteer to donor connection process for United Way to attract and grow relationships with volunteers through project-specific, impact-driven giving.

Fellows: Harrison Crum, Jennyfer Darling, Krissy Guzak, P.J. Wascher, Kendra White